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Ethan Evans is a Maine born and raised adventurer that absolutely loves the outdoors. He is a Entrepreneur at heart having started OpenWorld Outfitters as well as several software related companies. Ethan is a self proclaimed foodie, an avid hiker a world traveler and a learning photographer. Everything that Ethan does he either vlogs about here (starting now) or he rates on Trip Advisor. To see his reviews visit his profile here follow him on Instagram and his Youtube Channel and please be as honest as possible on reviews of his experiences and content!

Photo Gallery

View in Kathmandu

March 2018 I visited Nepal with HELP Missions. We stayed at the Summer Hill House in KTM.

4x4 Through Mountains

In order to get out to the Gorkah area with HEL Missions we took a 5 hr 4x4 ride!

Beautiful/Scary Roads

The 5 hr ride had some amazing views through the mountains. But also some sketchy cliffs at every turn.

Visiting Clinics

The first clinic we stopped at here shared some local black Nepali tea with us while talking about their medical needs.

Themal Market

When in Nepal you have to go to Thamel. A great market place for trekking gear needs or all sorts of trinkets.

Cutest Kids

Nepli kids have to be among the cutest around. This little dude here was not about to share his Dal Bhat.

Tunk Mountain Maine

Tunk Mountain, near Franklin, Maine has got some stellar views. It is about 1.5 hours from Bangor and worth the hike!

Boulder Chillin

Tunks peak is a little unique as the actual peak is unexposed but you can hit this section for a great spot to post up!

Hiking Companions

Admittedly, my GSD Jax doesn't get to hike often with me due to his Alpha male style. But when he does we have a blast!

Missouri Views

A beautiful blue sky and a beautiful view at Castlewood State Park in Missouri, Orono Brewing Company reppin!

Crack One

Missouri sun and heat got the best of me. Fortunately, I brought a nice icey beverage with me to cool me back down!

Mount Kineo Maine

Mount Kineo, Maine is 1 of 6 mountains within the Moosehead Pinnacle Pursuit. Stay tuned for my ultra of it!

Dominican Beach side

Friends at OneLove

Beach Side Lunch

Our scuba instructor took us to this phenomenal local spot hidden away in the Dominica. Great food and spot for a beer!

Dominican Pineapple Beverage

What better way to have a beach side beverage then from the Pineapple you cut up and mixed into it?

Maine Whitewater

Believe it or not Maine has some quality rapids and some really good companies to book with, more information coming!

The Bigelows Hike

Checkout Alltrails on West or Avery Peak in the Bigelows. Gorgeous hike but brutal in the winter after fresh power!

Saddleback Mid Winter

Saddleback mid winter can be a nice casual hike up the ski slope. But you can also hit 40 mph winds and need the goggles!

Ski Sugarloaf

After so many hikes up the slopes sometimes you honestly just need to fly down them!

Borestone Pond

Borestone pond is about .7 miles up from the trail head parking. Nice spot to get yourself together and take some photos!

Views on Borestone

Borestone Mountain has some of the best views around. Your last several 100 feet are bare and provide 360 visuals!

Bangkok Boat Cruise

With only a half day in Bangkok I jumped on a River Boat Tour right from my Hotel. Only cost about 30$ and well worth it!

Rice Boats

During the tour you will see all sorts of local landscapes and tons of Rice Boats cruising by.

Deep Snow Hikes

Hikes in the Maine winters are some of my favorite around. That being said sometimes you do sink in a bit!

Buffalo Mountain

My buddies and I hiked out west and worked our way up Buffalo Mountain here. Some great views. But it was a challenge.

Maine Trail Running

Some of the peaks in Maine are perfect for trail running when they are bare. Cadillac Mountain included!

Where should I go next?

I am always looking for the next best adventure and always open to hearing from my readers on what they feel was the best trip they ever took. Please feel free to reach out to me and give me your opinion on some excellent experiences you have had and why I should go somewhere or why I should try a restaurant, tour, attraction or anything at all! I live my life always trying to benefit from new experiences regardless of what they maybe. I prefer not to go to the same places over and over again but be thrown into a situation I have not lived before. If you can say the same and are looking for an adventure partner I would love to meet you and explore something together. Stay tuned for more partnerships of mine, more video blogs and just an improved experience here on ethoutthedoor!