My Amazing Hidden Gems Amongst the Catskills!

July 11,2018


o date I have been in a friend’s wedding party a total of 6 times. Therefore I have experienced a bachelor party that many times as well. Normally, those nights are more of a raunchy night out in the city out at bars doing bad things. This time however, we ventured to upstate New York near the Catskills, specifically the town of Glen Spey. Even more uncommon was the way in which I got there. I Lease my truck and plane tickets were just too expensive to go along with cabin rental and beverage consumption. So, I took a bus with Concord Coach Lines out of Bangor, ME and linked up with the Downeaster Train in Portland, ME in order to work my way to my friend in Woburn, MA to carpool down. That wasn’t the end of it! It took a 6 hour car ride from Woburn to Maplewood, NJ for an overnighter before we jumped in a rental car from Enterprise the next morning to drive the remainder of the day. All said and done, it took me 1.5 days to get 7 hours south on the highway to save some miles off my truck.

At this point I was just seriously hoping the weekend would be worth the travel above. To my joy I pulled into the sickest cabin gem in upstate New York for a weekend with the guys. One of the fellow groomsman found this place online and it was perfect! We were placed in our own quiet cove, with volleyball courts, fire pits, a huge wrap around deck, up to 15 beds and more water craft then we could ever use. A great spot for all of the activities we would throw ourselves through for the next 24 hours. I even enjoyed the poor cell phone service. Unfortunately though this note does contribute to my limited photos in this video. A great spot and an awesome weekend!

As sick as this cabin was we absolutely had to go out at least one night. So we jumped on Trip Advisor and found that there was a Casino within a 30 minute drive of us, score! So we packed as many people into as few of vehicles as possible (limit the DD responsibilities) and headed towards Resorts World Catskills. You’ll see in my Trip Advisor review here that the music, the food, and some of the extracurricular activities here were great. However, I had some frustrations with the actual gambling here. I am huge fan of standard blackjack and I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg to play it. Normally you can walk past all of the tables and figure out easily where to jump in on one of these tables. Resorts World needs to work a little bit on their monitors that tell you this as they are extremely hard and read which makes it a task. Otherwise, I had a good time. Their nightclub that is attached is open until 4pm on weekends (atleast that night) with good drinks and quality VIP service if you’re into that sort of thing. It does cost you 10$ at the gate but it’s worth it for the crowd.

As you can imagine from a weekend of cheap beers, burgers, steaks, yard games, drinking games and a night out at the Casino, I was just happy to make it out alive! Surprisingly intact we left for what would be a much faster return home. Still in the Enterprise rental car we kicked off the 7 hr drive home. But first, we needed some breakfast to help us recover a little. On the way we stopped in a little town called Port Jarvis at a local deli named Bagel Station and grab some excellent breakfast sandwiches. Don’t let my average rating (see link above) fool you about this place. The food is great! I was just a little disappointed by the service and the inside of the restaurant itself. However, I was not at all disappointed by the home made Greek style bagels that sandwiched my sausage egg and cheese! It was exactly what I needed to power through the 7 hours on 84 through nearly 7 states. Finally we made it home and straight to bed I went, another successful Bachelor party survived with some cool little hidden gems found along the way!